Read about our exciting and fresh branding - SIS Live


We love our brand! We are proud of its dynamic, innovative look.

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The SIS LIVE brand was launched in September 2008 and has been universally well received.

Not only is it vibrant and fresh but is also relevant to the industries we work in – be it satellites orbiting, camera lenses focusing, and the winning post at the centre.

Satellite Uplink Vehicle
SIS LIVE Uplink vehicle branding
IP vehicle
SIS LIVE IP vehicle branding

Our logo is used across our uplink and support vehicle fleet and looks good on the screen in any bookmakers in the UK and overseas.

SIS LIVE Exhibition area
Exhibition seating area
Branded Cappucinos
Branded cappuccino
SIS LIVE promotional materials
Promotional materials

Our brand works across many media and there is no doubt it will continue to adapt and evolve in the future – look out for it!

SIS service 'on-screen' branding
SIS 'on-screen' branding
SIS LIVE outside signage
SIS LIVE Signage
SIS studio facilities in Milton Keynes
Studio facilities in Milton Keynes

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