SIS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Satellite Information Services (Holdings) Ltd (SISH). SIS LIVE (previously known as SISLink), was formed in 1989 to handle the acquisition and transmission of racing coverage to SIS.

SISH is privately owned by a consortium of leisure and financial investors which also includes SIS LIVE, Europe’s largest outside broadcast and satellite uplink provider.

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  • UK, Ireland & International Licensed Betting Office Services
  • Online Betting Services
  • Bespoke Betting Channels
  • Satellite uplink, SNG and satellite internet services
  • Teleport, media fibre and satellite capacity provision
  • Design and manufacture of broadcast and satellite products

SIS LIVE offers broadcasting solutions, including broadcast systems integration services, wireless camera solutions, satellite uplinks and immediate satellite internet services. SIS LIVE operates the largest fleet of satellite uplink trucks in Europe with bases throughout the UK and Europe. SIS LIVE’s award-winning satellite product range is designed and manufactured in-house.

SIS LIVE is the only company to design, build, operate and support uplink and production vehicles in-house, providing a complete bespoke service. SIS LIVE holds SNG contracts with leading broadcasters, including SKY, BBC, and ITN, delivering 80% of the UK's live news contribution feeds offering service levels in excess of 99.8% uplink availability.

Continuously innovating and redefining broadcast production solutions, SIS LIVE also designs and manufactures cutting edge, world leading products. SIS LIVE’s award-winning product range includes small VSAT terminals weighing less than 12kg to large 1.8m vehicle mount antennas. Designed to make broadcasting easier, SIS LIVE provides quick, reliable and cost-effective satellite uplinks whether its satellite internet services, SNG news and sports feeds or HD transmissions.

We have pioneered satellite internet services in a variety of markets delivering high quality independent broadband IP connectivity anywhere in the world. Offering over 500MHz of permanently leased bandwidth accessed via our multi-satellite iDirect Hub, flexibility and immediacy are key.

All SIS LIVE services are supported by a dedicated support team of 120 field engineers and a 24/7 support line.



With our wide range of HD and SD broadcast production facilities, satellite uplinks, satellite internet services and the best talent in the industry, we can cater for any sports event – large or small.

Our forward thinking and innovative approach means we can offer you an unrivalled service including customised production units and mobile editing suites.  From Wimbledon to Formula One, the FA Cup to Six Nations Rugby, the London Marathon to the Olympics, SIS LIVE has a wealth of experience in live sport productions. In fact, we have covered just about any sports event you can think of!

SIS LIVE offers a unique service and will enhance any event with our special cameras coverage. Viewers expect to see all of the action from every angle, and our talented team have pioneered many projects – including cricket stump cams and HD wireless cameras for Olympic sailing. From onboard cameras in motorsport to wireless goal post cams at a rugby match, we take you to the heart of the action.

Music and entertainment


Whether you want to record, broadcast or stream, we have the capability and experience to cover any production. With our creative mix of craft staff, project managers and the finest technicians in the business, we have the knowledge and skills to make your event a complete success.

SIS LIVE broadcasts many hours of live music and entertainment for our clients. We provide services at many music events across the country, including Glastonbury and The Proms.

SIS LIVE can supply complete drive-in production facilities, outside broadcast and satellite uplink units for any entertainment event. And with our satellite Internet Services we can stream live content for you and provide instant ISDNs in any location, however remote.


News gathering

When a major story breaks the UK’s available satellite uplink fleet congregates from all corners of the country. As Europe’s largest uplink supplier, SIS LIVE is also the only company with multiple regional bases throughout the UK and Europe. So it’s a good bet that one of our uplinks will be the first on the scene.

Since our first live non-sport broadcast of the fall of the Berlin wall back in 1989, we have become a major force in the uplink and satellite news gathering (SNG) markets. From a handful of vehicles our fleet has grown and now numbers approximately 128 uplink trucks and additional flyaway units. 

We cover over 100,000 hours of satellite links each year for worldwide events, and have contracts in place with many leading broadcasters such as BBC, ITN and Sky. We deliver 80% of the UK’s live news contribution feeds and offer service levels in excess of 99.8% uplink availability.

As well as providing a dedicated service, we also manufacture an award winning product range including our fully-automated fly-drive uplink uPod® and vehicle mounted DriveForce®.

We also operate a comprehensive teleport and fibre network and can get your content to any part of the world.

Corporate Work

Audi broadcast

If you want to promote your brand we can produce everything from new product launches, advertiser funded programming, and branded road shows and conferences. In the multi-platform world we live in, SIS LIVE can get your message out there via many different media with live broadcast to television radio and online. 

Be it the product launch of the Apple iPod nano or a live Honda skydiving commercial over Spain, SIS LIVE can support any live corporate event. We can even broadcast your corporate message to remote workers with our live event streaming and webcast services.