Our clients are very important to us and we value their feedback. See below for a selection of testimonials about our broadcast services and award-winning products.

Contracted uplink and distribution services

SIS LIVE is Europe’s largest supplier of satellite uplinks. In the UK, we provide contracted digital satellite services to all the major broadcasters — BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, Daybreak, Sky News and Sky Sports. SKY Italia and RTV in Holland are among our contracted clients in Europe.

'We enjoy a strong and collaborative relationship with SIS LIVE and they were our partner of choice to provide these expanded services to Sky Sports News. The SIS LIVE crews work directly with our own editorial staff to get the latest sports news as it happens.'

Darren Long, director of operations, Sky Sports

'We work very closely with SIS LIVE and have a very good working relationship….they have a good understanding of what we need. They have plenty of trucks and we even think of many of the SIS LIVE people as Sky employees. We have a good management relationship too.'

Jackie Falkner, head of operations, Sky News

'ITN’s fleet of 7 uPod trucks are used daily to provide all the live elements of ITV and Channel 4 News bulletins from locations around the world. The uPod bookings system has greatly simplified the process of setting up each transmission by controlling the uplink and receive settings remotely - this allows us to make far more efficient use of our satellite spectrum.'

Malcolm Smith, head of operational engineering, ITN

'SIS LIVE has provided on site satellite uplink facilities and global distribution services to ETP for over 10 years, allowing us to deliver seamless HD footage from over 40 live golf tournaments each year, across many parts of the world. SIS LIVE’s comprehensive connectivity infrastructure and expertise has given us confidence that our critical golf content is reliably distributed to major sports broadcasters and viewed by millions of golf fans worldwide.'

Tony Coxon, head of production operations, European Tour Productions

Satellite Internet Services

Satellite Internet solutions from SIS LIVE give you the opportunity to deliver media instantly and efficiently to your customers. From live event streaming, webcast services and mobile satellite internet anywhere, we will get your message out there.

For us, it is about providing a high quality low latency pipe to somewhere else in the world Adams says. 'They do a site survey to make sure it is OK for the van. They co-ordinate with us and the venue, and they provide the van with a fully qualified crew, when and where we need it. We are 100% happy with the service they provide us.'

Adrian Adams, project manager, Carillion Communications

We keep coming back. SIS LIVE’s staff are always on the ball, they always turn up on site and on time. We’re very happy with the great service we get.

Yura Zaicevs, Network Manager, Media on Demand


SIS LIVE boasts an impressive broadcast product portfolio, all designed and built in-house.

'SIS LIVE has developed and built a number of innovative new uplinking products and we are very excited to be working closely with them to create systems that are designed to meet the demands of our customers.'

David King, engineering director, Astrium Secure Satcom Systems

'The uPod is in our opinion is the first uplink system that offers both the option of a permanent/semi-permanent roof mount drive-away antenna and a lightweight fully IATA compliant flyaway system. This allows us to mount the antenna on a very small vehicle giving all the flexibility that a small vehicle can offer and still the ability to eventually remove it and use it as a flyaway which we can send anywhere in the world as standard baggage on a commercial airline. We decided to use the first uPod from SIS LIVE on a mini clubman, only the uPod antenna with roof mounted amplifiers falls below the maximum roof weight of 50kgs and therefore no other antenna on the market can be used legally on a mini for high powered transmissions. The vehicle is exceptionally capable as we can cram a lot of base band equipment inside as all of the uplink, including encoders (uPod is unique for this) are mounted on the roof in the uPod system. Huge problem is that the vehicle is very sexy and we are always afraid it will get stolen, unfortunately…!'

Alberto Lorusso, sales manager, VideoPiu, Italy

'As a Dutch regional broadcaster, it is extremely important for us that we can quickly be everywhere in The Netherlands, to cover news stories that are related to our region without the need of specialized personnel. This need does not end at the country’s border, but can stretch out to all over Europe. Therefore we needed a versatile and compact vehicle, easy to operate for a camaraman alone or together with a journalist, at affordable costs. uPod enables us to combine all of this in a small, easy to use vehicle. The uPod booking system, together with the service and 24hr support by SIS LIVE, makes it an ideal combination of high-tech, combined with proven, and therefore reliable, technology. SIS LIVE’s unique position as not just a manafucturer, but -even more so- a heavy user of their own equipment and services definitely pays off.'

Wiljan Pongers, TV facilities manager, RTV Noord-Holland, Amsterdam

'After 16,955 km and 87 days on the road I can say that the uPod system performed brilliantly in all conditions and situations throughout the Olympic Torch Relay.'

Chuck Magee, freelance technical producer, USA

'ITN are extremely impressed by the ease of deployment and flexibility of the uPod system. The performance and reliability of uPod is outstanding and we set SIS LIVE a Service Level Agreement target of over 99.8% availability which they exceed month on month.'

Keith Cass, Director of Technology, ITN

'The system has been working great and we are really happy we bought the uPod. It’s been so easy to use and the support and help has been amazing from you guys, so thank you.'

Salman Patel, Production Manager, MTA

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