Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day


31st July 2014

When chef Jamie Oliver’s production company sought a broadcast partner to help them unite children all over the world in a live, interactive cooking session, they came to SIS LIVE.

As a pioneering, streaming and satellite internet connectivity provider, SIS LIVE is renowned for its expertise in facilitating high end, multi-location productions.

And Fresh One Productions needed the best to help Jamie Oliver bid to set a new Guinness World Record for the most participants in a cookery lesson in 24 hours (multiple venues).

The chef wanted children from as many countries as possible to join him in preparing a  simple meal from scratch as part of his charity’s annual worldwide Food Revolution Day, part of its mission to educate children about healthy eating and cooking skills.

SIS LIVE streamed live a multi-camera feed of an interactive cooking lesson given by Oliver on 16 May, in front of an audience of school children at City Hall London, as well as three schools around the country via Skype.

SIS LIVE’s satellite uplink truck located outside the City Hall, transmitted two simultaneous links, one via satellite and other via fibre to its Milton Keynes base for web encoding, transmission and distribution all over the world.

SIS LIVE also provided the dedicated Skype connection, together with a live YouTube feed, which both proved crucial to facilitate two-way communications and maintain the interest of the young target audience.

Nikki Sopp, the Production Manager for Fresh One on the shoot, said: “SIS were not only technically brilliant, giving me a sense of security that our broadcast would go to air, but also helped me to achieve everything I needed to within budget.

“The team on the ground were brilliant – a real pleasure to work with.”

The whole event was streamed live to Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube Channel on YouTube.

The annual Food Revolution Day is organised by the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, a worldwide charity which aims to reconnect people with food and keep cooking skills alive.

This year marked the third annual Food Revolution Day. It was the most successful year to date with 10,143 events in 121 countries and territories. On the day, 5,868 schools joined in a cooking lesson with Jamie Oliver via the Times Educational Supplement website which was broadcast live from City Hall in London. Worldwide over 8,428 schools took part. There were a total of 357, 352 participants worldwide.

Martin Evans, IP Sales Manager, SIS LIVE, said: “We are proud to have been selected to provide connectivity for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day. The fact it’s live added to the excitement and attracted huge numbers of followers.

“We believe SIS LIVE is unique in its ability to deliver the comprehensive in-house solution this event demands. We have the knowledge and experience which is vital to the reliable end to end delivery of live, multi-platform coverage from high profile events.”