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McDonald's 24 gifts of joy promotion

9th April 2015

SIS LIVE helped Jessie J fans worldwide share the excitement of a 60-minute live gig from an open-topped bus travelling through central London, by streaming every moment live to McDonalds’ “I’m lovin’ it” YouTube channel.

The agencies behind the headline-grabbing event chose SIS LIVE as the reliable production partner to kick-off a 24-hour worldwide McDonald’s promotion and ensure successful live streamed coverage.

On 24th March, footage from 21 cameras – eight on the bus with Jessie J alongside a few lucky fans, 12 along the pavements en route, and one on an overhead helicopter – were mixed live on the bus before being relayed via SIS LIVE’s production headquarters in Milton Keynes to fans watching online.

The ambitious eight-song moving concert was meticulously planned by SIS LIVE and its production partners to ensure the party atmosphere was streamed uninterrupted to the fans watching live via online devices all over the world.

Martin Evans, SIS LIVE IP sales manager, said: “In technical terms, this was similar to our Red Bull Revolutions in Sound live stream from the London Eye. We had to work in a compact moving space, as well as mix live camera feeds from the remote vision gallery on the bus and those on the street.

“SIS LIVE has wide experience of high-end, complicated live streaming. Working live in a very public environment – in this case, on an open-topped bus crawling through Central London traffic presents a lot of unknowns, but the event organisers knew they were in safe hands with SIS LIVE’s experienced teams.”

Some lucky winners were lucky enough to join Jessie J on the bus for the hour-long concert on 24th March. It turned heads all the way along the route, thanks to 120 decibel on-board speakers.

Six pairs of cameramen with RF cameras leap-frogged each other along the bus’s eight mile journey, which began at BBC New Broadcasting House and continued along Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus, and took in landmarks including Trafalgar Square, Parliament Square and The Ritz.

The radio cameras provided continuous, uninterrupted feed. Live and video inserts recorded the reactions of passers-by and captured pre-planned events using actors to add colour to the excitement. Footage capturing the surprised reaction of diners at McDonald’s restaurants along the route was also included.

The concert was streamed live to a global audience by SIS LIVE

A helicopter flying directly above the bus provided overhead shots, and acted as a mid-point for RF signals to be downlinked at BT Tower which were on passed to SIS LIVE’s network operations centre (NOC) in Manchester to be decoded and then delivered to their Milton Keynes master control room (MCR) where they were encoded for streaming.

Two back up links via RF link direct to BT Tower and multiple mobile phone back-up solutions were also in place, and SIS LIVE built in a six minute delay to the live in case of any unexpected incident.

On the bus itself, an event director worked with a mixing desk to cut the live music from Jessie J and her band, and a 16 way vision mixer to cut live pictures from all sources. Meanwhile, 100 production people on London wide talkback helped to orchestrate the event.

Martin Evans said: “The bus generated a huge amount of excitement all along the route and we’re delighted to have played our part in ensuring the thrilling sight and sound of a high profile concert moving through Central London was shared live with fans. As always, the broadcast teams onsite and in Milton Keynes remained cool and professional throughout. They did a fantastic job of capturing all the drama and colour of an ambitious live event, and ensuring it was streamed live to the worldwide audience.”

Some excited fans captured by the aerial cameras

The Jessie J event was part of McDonalds’ 24 Gifts of Joy, a 24-hour global event that covered 24 cities in 24 countries.

The whole event appeared live on social media including YouTube, and was subsequently edited into a three minute highlights package which can be seen at