Consultancy, Workflow Design & Project Planning

Consultancy and Workflow Design

ConsultancyWe aim to be involved from the start of any project, providing input on the best ways to meet your business and technological needs, and selecting the most suitable and cost-effective solutions to achieve your short and long-term goals. We believe in ensuring that any technology we recommend has longevity, in order to maximise its lifespan and increase potential return on investment. We work with clients to determine an accurate total cost of ownership, taking into account all direct and indirect expenditures.

No piece of equipment is designed to work in solitude, and no production space is a standalone system, each must interconnect with other technologies and workflows, so it is a crucial to consider how this will work in practical terms. Regardless of the size and complexity of the integration project, our experts in workflow design are able asses these various relationships to propose the most effective use of resources to suit your particular needs.

In the current climate many businesses are in a state of continual evolution and, often, our outside perspective on workflows, technology and planning can make all the difference, ensuring that projects land safely, on budget and on time.

Project Planning

Systems Integration flow diagramDetailed project planning is paramount to the successful delivery of systems integration solutions and helps to minimise the impact on existing broadcast operations. Our widely experienced project managers practice meticulous preparation and control, drawing on a pool of talented engineers and specialists as needed to suit each specific job.

As one of Europe’s largest satellite uplink provider, SIS LIVE has a proven track record of successfully managing the deployment of personnel and resources throughout the world - these complex logistics are part of our daily business and an essential ingredient to a successful project.

As well as providing these services to a range of high-profile clients SIS LIVE also handles its own internal systems integration projects. This has given us a first-hand understanding of our client’s perspectives, focusing us on clear reporting through a transparent flow of information to ensure a stress-free customer experience. Through detailed planning we can accurately predict when costs will occur during a project, allowing you to carefully manage your cash flow.

We are objective and realistic in our projected timescales, costs and schedules, and encourage client involvement in all possible areas, with structured procedures in place to manage any changes in requirements.