Training, Documentation & Support


Installation of special camerasSIS LIVE provide extensive aftercare and support for any installation or integration we manage. We ensure personnel are fully equipped to operate the new systems and are in a position to configure and modify any equipment if required.

To achieve this we will work with you to organise suitable training. This can be on a one-to-one or group basis, in person or online. We can arrange simple operational classes, high-level system management or in depth courses run by manufacturers, all at a location of your choice. These can be included as part of the overall project, or as an individual service.


Documentation is crucial to, not only a successful handover, but also to ensure that the system’s architecture is fully recorded and understood when the time comes for reconfigurations, future modifications and development.

These details include parts lists, product specifications, cable schedules, mechanical details and software configurations and are presented in physical and digital form. We also include all acceptance testing documentation and project planning documents.


SupportTo maintain the smooth running of your system into the future, SIS LIVE offers a variety of scaleable support options to suit your needs and budget. These include: rapid-response telephone support; onsite technical support; equipment maintenance; spare part kits; and the surveillance and the installation of firmware/software updates.

Our customer service desk handles support calls for a range of high-profile clients and are well-versed with the rapid response needed in the broadcast industry. As part of the service level agreement you will have access to this team and their expertise. Our engineers will have access to related technical information, including project documentation and service history, to aid with the diagnosing of faults. From here they will be able to arrange the return, exchange, or repair of any defective equipment, and the dispatch of any onsite assistance needed.