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Corporate Streaming for Audi TV

SIS LIVE provide live intranet broadcasts for Audi TV

In April 2012, SIS LIVE won the contract to work with Twofour Digital for clients Audi, webcasting monthly presentations live from the Audi UK headquarters in Milton Keynes. The contract is to provide technical facilities for eight events running from May to December 2012.

Audi Filming

Each broadcast features one or two presenters standing behind a podium, filmed by two locked off cameras. The presentations are broadcast privately live on the Audi intranet. From here employees and centres across the UK are able to view the webcast and are also invited to email their questions in during the broadcast. These are picked up in an adjacent production room, filtered for content and distributed directly to a handheld device on the podium, allowing the presenters to respond to the questions in real time. Each broadcast also features video inserts, as well as onscreen presentations to support the details being discussed.

SIS LIVE’s bespoke SISCaster® HD unit, incorporating Tricaster technology, provides the technical facilities to capture content, play back and insert video clips, encode the output and distribute it online.

SISCaster® HD is designed around the needs of modern producers to work as a ‘one-stop’ solution for programming, covering live broadcasting, web streaming and mobile content delivery. Using the latest self aligning VSAT satellite technology it offers unlimited streaming at a choice of bit rates and can also encode edited clips or the live vision mixer output, using the on-board Windows Media, QuickTime, Real Player, iPhone and Flash encoders with multi-stream capability. This versatile and reliable unit also handles the downlinking of questions from the field, as well as providing a secure and safe broadband network on site.

David Meynell, managing director, SIS LIVE says “Requiring just two SIS LIVE operators - a sound supervisor and Tricaster operator - this compact, one truck solution delivers a wide range of facilities, underlining SIS LIVE’s abilities when it comes to working with non-traditional broadcasters. With the right technology and skilled operators SIS LIVE delivers efficient, reliable and cost-effective solutions to deliver advertiser funded TV.”

Karl Hindson, CNO, Twofour Digital says “We approached SIS LIVE to develop and deploy a reliable solution which would not only deliver live intranet broadcasts but also enable a two-way conversation between senior management and the various Audi stakeholders. We are pleased to have SIS LIVE on board for the remainder of this project.”

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