Case Studies - Satellite Internet - SIS LIVE

Case Studies - Satellite Internet

SIS LIVE brings a unique Bronze Age dig to life

SIS LIVE has helped a unique archaeological dig at a 5,000 year-old Bronze Age site near Peterborough reach an international audience thanks to its satellite broadcast technology. The dig broke new ground, quite literally, in more ways than one. ‘Flag Fen Lives’ was the first crowdfunded and crowdsourced excavation in Europe. Our specialist IP team provided a fast, 2MB internet connection via an on-site satellite dish which allowed up to 10 hand held devices (phones, iPads, etc.) to be connected to the internet via wifi, with a master computer being used to edit and upload larger video and audio files to the web. The aim of the professional archaeologists’ and site owners, Peterborough’s cultural trust, Vivacity, was to bring Bronze Age Flag Fen to life for a three week dig in August. More

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