Case Studies - Satellite Internet - SIS LIVE

Case Studies - Satellite Uplinks

France TV’s Mobile TV studio, London, UK

For France Televisions’ Olympic coverage SIS LIVE designed and installed a live TV studio into a red London bus, enabling it to transmit while on the move. Our systems integration team worked closely with the clients to ensure this ground-breaking project was delivered successfully. More

Tour de France presentation coverage, France

SIS LIVE’s versatile Tour de France trailer, used by V-squared for ITV’s coverage, contains office and production spaces, a VT area, and technical sound, vision and ‘uPod’ uplink facilities. This self-contained system was entirely designed and integrated by our SI team and performed impeccably. More

MiniLiveman – integration, Milton Keynes, UK

SIS LIVE provided broadcast integration services for NewTek, creating the first HD Live Production vehicle ever made in a compact SUV, and featuring SIS LIVE’s own award-winning uPod® satellite uplink system. More

Torch Relay Winter Olympics, Vancouver, Canada

SIS LIVE’s uPod system, blended with Intelsat’s satellite space and ground infrastructure, was used to transmit live SD and HD feeds, along with voice and internet communications of the Olympic torch’s 3.5 month journey through Canada’s challenging landscape. More

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