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Mobile Studio Build for France TV

SIS LIVE integrates and operates the first ever live mobile TV studio for France Televisions

Throughout July and August 2012 SIS LIVE, satellite uplink specialists, worked on a collaborative venture with France Televisions Sports Department to achieve a historic premiere in broadcasting, delivering the first ever live broadcasts from a mobile TV studio.

France TV bus and crew

Commissioned by France Televisions Sports, SIS LIVE designed, constructed and operated a live moving TV studio. Using state-of-the-art RF H264 technology and SIS LIVE’s expertise this vehicle was able to produce and transmit live TV while on the move, making dynamic use of four fixed receive high points around London which delivered RF coverage on selected routes around the city centre. This intelligent use of technology alleviated the need to employ a costly fixed wing aircraft relay solution, making this type of transmission a more viable prospect.

The routes, which included Parliament Square, Hyde Park, Pall Mall, Piccadilly Circus, Embankment and the Tower of London, were chosen to provide iconic London backdrops to the mobile bus broadcasts. Programmes and inserts from the bus were received by the SIS LIVE city-wide network and connected directly to France Televisions Sport’s London Olympic base for onward fibre transmission and subsequent broadcast on TV and online.

Built into the body of a traditional red London bus, this mobile studio delivered a 50 minute live morning show each day presented by Louise Ekland and featuring guests, panelists and live music, as well as discussions concerning the French Olympic Team’s progress through the Games.

"SIS LIVE designed, constructed and operated a live moving TV studio.”

It welcomed a host of celebrities on board, including Jimmy Cliff, Laura Flessel, Oscar Pistorius, Stéphane Diagana, Clovis Cornillac, The Glory Boys, Louis Bertignac, Wax Taylor, Christophe Leroy, Melissa Mars, and many more. It was also used to record clips which were periodically inserted live into the main programme throughout the day. The bus itself, which became an iconic representation of France Televisions in London, was featured heavily in the channel’s teasers and opening/closing credits, highlighting France Televisions Sport’s exclusive Olympic broadcasting within the country.

Salford Teleport

David Meynell, managing director, SIS LIVE says “We have a long history of working with France Televisions and were pleased to be involved in this innovative project right from the initial planning stages through to delivery of the final programmes. Our experienced team have shown not only their technical excellence, but also their ability to develop close working relationships with the clients to successfully deliver this project.”

The project involved the cooperation of a number of SIS LIVE’s departments with technology installed at SIS LIVE’s facilities in Milton Keynes. The bus was operated by a crew of 10 people, supplied by SIS LIVE, and accommodated up to 20 other personnel, including the director, talent and guests, with up to eight people able to appear on screen simultaneously. The vehicle was equipped with nine onboard HD cameras including five miniature remote controlled heads and a roving wireless camera transmitting via MPEG4 radio link.

This project demonstrates the end-to-end service which SIS LIVE offers, including system design, build and integration of technology, right through to operation of the finished studio and transmission of the final programme.

Sven Lescuyer, Deputy Head of Sports, France Televisions, says “London 2012 was a massively successful endeavour, and one which captivated people all around the world. For this reason we wanted to immerse ourselves in the city, making sure we were on hand to capture the public reaction, the atmosphere, and the many sights and sounds of London during this exciting time. As a tried and trusted technology partner SIS LIVE was the natural choice for us and invaluable in helping us take the project through from concept to completion. One of SIS LIVE’s major strengths is its ability to draw on the talents of different teams across the company to deliver end-to-end solutions. Having the same company who designed and built the bus also operate it made the whole process much simpler, and we look forward to collaborating on similar projects in the future.”

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