SIS LIVE Produce The First Ever HD Stream Of A Classical Concert

HD Stream - Live

SIS LIVE produces the first ever HD stream of a live classical concert

On Tuesday 19th June, SIS LIVE became part of internet history, delivering the first live high definition (HD) stream of a classical music concert through YouTube. This very special performance by the Ukrainianborn virtuoso pianist Valentina Lisitsa, signed to Decca Classics (Universal), took place at the Royal Albert Hall. As well as streaming the concert live on the internet on Valentina’s YouTube channel, SIS LIVE captured the whole event in HD for a DVD/Blu Ray release.

Classical Concery

To add to the pressure the SIS LIVE team had only 60 minutes to complete the rig which typically takes four or five hours, due to the fact that the venue was in use until 5pm on the same day for a Q&A with the Dalai Lama. This meant that SIS LIVE had to pull out all the stops to set up this seven camera show, which included two jimmy jibs, a Remote Smart Head and two separate camera track lengths, ready for the 8pm broadcast. Transmission to the internet was handled by SIS LIVE’s specialist IP team based in Milton Keynes.

David Meynell, managing director, SIS LIVE says, “Key to the successful delivery of this service at short notice was our state of the art teleport, encoding facilities and talented operators. We have the capability to access a wide range of satellites from around the world and fibre connections for signals originating further afield. Downlinking and transcoding a HD satellite uplink from central London is “bread and butter” work for us. SIS LIVE is a recognised CISCO Broadcast Partner and as such has made significant investment in encoding equipment, networks, know-how and experience in operating such equipment in demanding live transmission environments. Many customers recognise our live broadcasting pedigree and apply this philosophy to their webcasts with great results. We are always pleased when new customers comment that their webcasts look just like a TV show but on the web.”

Martin Evans, IP sales manager said: “This event demonstrates the increasing interest in broadcasting events to a public who enjoys the immediacy of live shows transmitted through a range of devices. This high profile recital was watched by thousands of people around the world, and so providing a typically faultless service, and under massive time constraints, was essential.”

Valentina has, in part, built her reputation and following by uploading video recordings of her rehearsals to YouTube, allowing fans to enjoy her music across the world. Her videos have had over 44 million views in total, and this live concert stream has only helped to enhance her reputation. The replay of the recital picked up 55,000 views within 48 hours on YouTube. The live album of the concert was also released in digital download, CD and DVD/ Blu Ray formats through Decca Classics.

Alexander Van Ingen, Executive Producer for Decca Classics says “This was a remarkable start for a very talented pianist. Thanks are due to the SIS LIVE team for their fantastic work, putting together the crew, equipment, and know-how to make the whole thing happen. Valentina’s live stream went exceptionally well, a testament to SIS LIVE’s assiduous preparation and skill. We very much hope that we will be able to repeat the experience again.”

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