National Fibre Network


The SIS LIVE network connects our headquarters in Milton Keynes and MediaCityUK with strategically important locations around the UK, including major UK broadcasters and Premiership football grounds.

This robust network is fully diverse and redundant throughout. HD, SD or ASI signals can be routed dynamically, allowing a signal path to be set up between any two ports on the network or from one port to many.

Data from the terrestrial network can also be transferred to our teleports in Milton Keynes and MediaCityUK for national and international transmission.

Wembley Stadium

SIS LIVE owns an impressive inventory of facilities to support its wide-ranging service offerings in the satellite and broadcast markets, and has a wealth of experience in delivering specialist uplink services.

The national fibre network is just part of a wider connectivity portfolio which includes two teleports and MCRs, the largest mobile satellite uplink fleet in Europe, specialist wireless/RF services and an award-winning range of portable VSAT and uplink systems.

Through any combination of these facilities we are able to offer you the best, most reliable and cost-effective service, and, by operating from multiple locations, ensure full redundancy in case of site outage.

So, whether your connection need is local, national, or international, be assured that SIS LIVE has the perfect solution to meet your needs.