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Emergency Services

Emergency services rely on instant and robust communication systems to ensure they remain connected at all times. SIS LIVE’s managed service handles the installation, integration and support of satellite connectivity from any remote location. Our sales consultants will recommend the best package to meet your needs, our network of UK-based engineers will install market leading uplink dishes, and SIS LIVE’s dedicated satellite capacity will ensure you remain connected at all times.

We provide fast connections, anywhere. Our dedicated satellite capacity is uncontended which means you will never be competing for bandwidth with other users. Redundancy is built into all our systems to provide the most reliable service possible. In major emergency events traditional mobile and phone networks cannot always be relied upon and, at this crucial time, it is essential for emergency services to be in contact with each other, and high bandwidth satellite connectivity can ensure this.

Satellite internet technology is being used to provide more reliable, more effective and cheaper methods of communication for command control centres at major events and SIS LIVE is at the forefront of this service offering.

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