Satellite Internet Streaming and Broadcasting Facilities

Broadcasting Facilities

SIS LIVE IP vehicle

All our projects are supported by our extensive broadcast infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology and talented staff.

Mobile broadcast vehicles

SIS LIVE operates a fleet of new generation, fast response vehicles designed specifically for the mobile broadband market. These are located across the UK and can be booked for any event. Our mobile broadband vehicles transmit data at high speeds using the latest technology. The fleet consists of single-operator mobile broadband vehicles, based on Vauxhall Vivaro and Volkswagen Caravelle vans. Each is equipped with a 96cm satellite antenna, a satellite modem and antenna controller, alongside battery power and mains connectors. There is also an MPEG-4 video coder for conventional video capture and eight high quality audio coders for radio contributions.

SISCaster HD

In response to growing demand for live internet streaming services SIS LIVE has designed and built SISCaster, a compact vehicle designed around the needs of modern producers to work as a ‘one-stop’ solution for programming. Find out more about it’s capabilities here.


VSAT Solutions

Very small aperture terminals (VSAT) units are two-way antennas with dishes typically measuring 75cm – 120cm in diameter. They access satellites in geosynchronous orbit to transmit and receive broadband data from any location.

SIS LIVE designs, develops and manufactures its own range of VSAT satellite terminals, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every possible need. This helps us deliver exceptional customer service – who better is there to install and operate your equipment than the company who designed and built it? Our systems are also used daily to service our many contracts with clients such as the BBC, ITN, Sky and many more. 

If you need remote management, a fully automated on-demand VSAT system can be installed and supported by expert SIS LIVE engineers. Our VSAT technology makes fixed-network communications easy, however remote your location. We provide secure connections, VPNs and hi-speed internet access from anywhere. When data transmission or internet access is difficult, SIS LIVE’s VSAT systems offer alternative, affordable and state-of-the-art solutions.

We operate our own multi-satellite iDirect hub and have over 500MHz of permanently leased satellite capacity and access to lots more if needed. We are ready to send and access your video and data at the click of a button.

Support and Base Facilities

SIS LIVE’s dedicated engineers provide expert 24/7 support to guarantee a constant service.  From set up to delivery, we can handle everything for you using our network of skilled personnel located all over the UK.

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