Multi-Device Live Streaming Services from SIS LIVE

Multi-device Live Streaming

Live streaming and webcasting can support and enhance a live event broadcast immensely. This could take the form of duplication of a live TV broadcast to enable viewers to access content on a variety of devices, or it could be used to add value to the main programme. With additional footage made available via second screen devices viewers are able to enjoy more immersive and interactive experiences.

Multi-mediaAsk yourself whether your event is being broadcast through the channels your audience will want to view it on? Would your programme benefit from behind the scenes coverage, pre or post event discussion and analysis, or allowing access to alternate and innovative camera angles? We can create branded and password protected pages, or work with your graphic designers to make sure your event works for you. Let SIS LIVE enhance your event, be it sporting, music, or entertainment with our multi-device streaming services.

SIS LIVE prides itself on being a service focused company with expertise in a number of areas. Every link in the broadcast chain is critical to success – its all very well filming stunning multi-camera HD imagery but this has to be mixed and compressed correctly, encoded to the highest standard and output sympathetically for a range of devices. Having one experienced company – SIS LIVE - take charge of the whole process guarantees a quality service.

Streaming solutions from SIS LIVE give you the opportunity to deliver media instantly and efficiently to your customers. Services are available via a terrestrial or satellite route, enabling data to flow freely through your own network to produce high quality programmes. Pictures distributed across dedicated SIS LIVE networks use guaranteed bandwidth that eliminates network congestion, buffering and other quality issues often associated with terrestrial viewing.  We work with a number of satellite operators and are Ofcom registered enabling us to purchase satellite capacity directly. We also monitor all streams for availability and performance to guarantee your service.

The result is that users can watch high-quality, rich media via their internet enabled TVs, desktop computers, tablets or mobile devices with no specialist skills or specific knowledge required. With expert 24/7 support from SIS LIVE’s dedicated engineers, you are guaranteed a robust service.  From set up to delivery, we can handle everything for you.

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