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SIS LIVE is a world renowned satellite internet service provider, enabling clients to deliver media instantly and efficiently to their customers. For multi-device streaming, for brands, for emergency services, for remote or temporary internet access, for business broadcasts and for disaster recovery, we’re there.

Who uses our streaming services

We have collaborated with industry leaders such as Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook to deliver services for a range of top clients including Decca/Universal Records, Chelsea FC, Delta Airlines, Top Shop, Audi, BBC, Burberry, L’Oreal, Honda, Carillion, various emergency services, mobile health centres and mobile libraries plus many more.

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Internet Services


SIS LIVE's facilities

All projects are supported by our extensive broadcast infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology, mobile broadcast vehicles, VSAT solutions and talented staff
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About Streaming and Internet Services

Satellite Internet

Satellite internet provides reliable connectivity from almost anywhere in the world with fast connections and hardware that can move with you between locations
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Multi-device streaming


Live streaming and webcasting can enhance live event broadcasts immensely. Our solutions deliver media instantly to your customers through their favourite devices
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Our solutions enable live streaming across the world helping brands reach new and existing customers through exciting, innovative and interactive events
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Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Our managed service handles the installation, integration and support of satellite technology for emergency services, facilitating fast and reliable communications
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On-demand Internet Access

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Our internet anywhere service is designed for clients who require a robust and fully supported satellite internet connection at short notice and at any location
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Business Broadcasts

Business Broadcasts using SISCaster

SIS LIVE’s video conferencing services are making private inter-company communications more efficient and cost-effective
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Disaster Recovery

If your business systems fail, SIS LIVE is there to support your existing infrastructure, restore your connectivity and give you continuity of service
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SIS LIVE can supply ISDN lines and dedicated VoIP satellite networks at any location however remote, offering guaranteed, countrywide coverage
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Case Studies

Satellite Internet case studies

Find out more about how we’ve used our satellite internet capabilities to help clients in the past, supporting their day to day needs and one-off projects
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