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Military Personnel in Communication

SIS LIVE’s innovative satellite products are ideal for military applications and organisations across the globe. Rapid, reliable communications are essential for military personnel in the field needing to disperse information quickly and efficiently.

Our military VSAT products are designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and the stresses of a military environment and are approved to MIL-STD-810. Our satellite systems range from 0.6m fully-integrated VSAT terminals with no removable parts, to 2.4m ground and vehicle mounted systems featuring the best wind resistance on the market.

SIS LIVE’s satellite products are:

  • Rugged
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to deploy by non-technical personnel
  • Mil Std 810G

SIS LIVE designs, develops and integrates the software behind its products and solutions, enabling the delivery of full system visibility and effective control. Control options include Uplink Management System (UMS), operating on a Windows based PC and a range of embedded systems with a web interface for operation and advanced system configuration. We take the time to ensure our bespoke customer-facing platforms are accessible and manageable, so even customers without technical expertise can operate satellite systems.

"We needed ease of use in deploying the antenna and UMS system, as well as multi‑function platform equipped to allow us to work with all the media disciplines used by us: television, stills and the written word, giving complete flexibility of use and 24/7 space segment."

Kevin Capon, Army's Media and Communications Branch


Ultimate in portability, reliability and powerful connectivity. Exceptionally easy to use using SIS LIVE’s award winning GUI with night mode.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Fully integrated – no removable parts
  • Rucksack/bag transportable
  • Hot swappable batteries

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Robust tri-pod satellite terminal available in multiple sizes. Transport in a compact flight case(s).

  • Robust, stable design
  • Automatic option
  • Simple to assemble/operate
  • Cost effective

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Designed to be easily transported and deployed. Can be stored/transported in a small rapid deploy vehicle.

  • Rapid deployment
  • Fully automatic/manual override
  • Unskilled operation
  • Robust design

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Full flexibility satellite terminal. Transport in a flight case or mount to a standard roof rack. Can also be operated from the ground, hotel balcony or flat roof.

  • Fully flexible drive-fly
  • Lightweight
  • Fully automatic/manual override
  • Unskilled operation

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