Portable Satellite Systems

Portable Satellite Systems

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SIS LIVE designs and manufactures a market-leading range of satellite products including man-portable, vehicle mounted and drive-fly systems.

We have been manufacturing products in our on-site facilities in the UK for over 10 years. SIS LIVE has an array of expertise encompassing an electromechanical design department, project managers and Test / QA and customer support departments.

SIS LIVE also boasts production staff with specialist skill sets including sheet metal fabrication, machining and wiring skills, with the ability to customise products as required.

Our Man-Portable products are:

  • Rugged
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy and quick to deploy by non-technical personnel

SIS LIVE’s man-portable VSAT terminals are lightweight, simple to operate, robust, and are ideal for those wanting to quickly set up a communications network or make a broadcast immediately and efficiently. Our products are custom made and built to each customer’s specification, ensuring great quality and end user functionality is always paramount. All of our portable VSAT systems are IATA compliant and can be flown as checked baggage on an aircraft, or placed in the back of a vehicle to be transported anywhere.

ManPak, the fully integrated VSAT terminal, boasts an extremely quick set up time and is the only system of its type with no removable parts.

Our satellite products offer great value throughout the term of ownership and have been type approved by various satellite operators throughout the world.

SIS LIVE’s portable VSAT terminals are ideal for military operations, government organisations, blue light responders and news organisations.

We also design, develop and integrate the software behind our products and solutions, enabling the delivery of full system visibility and effective control. To find out more visit our software page.



Weighing less than 15kgs, the ManPak60 is an integrated and compact VSAT terminal that provides a high bandwidth connection capable of high speed data and transmissions.
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uPak is a fully automated VSAT terminal that provides high-speed data communications for internet connectivity, video transmission and VPN connectivity.
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This 0.6m, 0.75m, 1m and 1.25m tripod antenna features simple manual or fully-automated satellite acquisition; an award winning GUI; and a range of optional extras.
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