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Bespoke (Satellite) Network Management Systems

SIS LIVE designs, develops and integrates the software behind its products and solutions, enabling the delivery of full system visibility and effective control. Control options include Uplink Management System (UMS), operating on a Windows based PC and a range of embedded systems with a web interface for operation and advanced system configuration. We take the time to ensure our bespoke customer-facing platforms are accessible and manageable, so even customers without technical expertise can operate satellite systems.

Every piece of SIS LIVE’s satellite uplink software comes with fully integrated links to our comprehensive network management systems, which monitor and control our global satellite network from one central location, whilst also allowing total local control if that is what is needed. This enables network operators, broadcasters and news organisations to effectively manage transmission resources, bringing increased schedule control as well as cost-saving benefits among its mobile SNG fleets and uplink and downlink equipment.

SIS LIVE software has been in use in the field for over 11 years, with systems in use today around the globe.

Embedded Software

SIS LIVE’s embedded software controls portable satellite terminals including SIS LIVE’s ManPak and uPak products. The user friendly interface is extremely easy to use and requires minimal satellite communications experience.


  • Satellite search and acquisition interface that allows users with minimal sat comms experience to lock onto the satellite in minutes
  • Fully automated search and acquisition with approximate acquisition time in under five minutes
  • Support for a wide range of third party modems with an option of integrating with new modems
  • Custom display modes including day, night and blackout for military use
  • Full modem control from native interface, removing the need to carry a laptop or PC. SIS LIVE control systems use intuitive menu structures with options to control every aspect of the system in some cases with only two buttons
  • Web interface for satellite management and advanced system configuration
  • Remote software upgrades and troubleshooting/diagnostics. Once the terminal is connected to the network SIS LIVE can do the rest
  • REST interface that allows third party systems to control the terminal over Ethernet or wireless networks
  • Supports white label branding
Delegates at a Conference

Uplink Management System (UMS)

SIS LIVE’s Uplink Management System (UMS) is a comprehensive software suite that provides complete control of SNG and other fixed or mobile satellite uplink systems. It can interface with all control transmission and reception equipment, displaying a simple to understand visualisation of the system on the control PC.

Designed for mobile and SNG operations, UMS controls every aspect of the uplink process; deploy antenna, locate satellite, establish modem communications, carry out transmission, setting all the TX and RX equipment to the correct parameters, then finally shut down and stow the antenna when operations are complete. In fully automated mode this only takes two clicks; ‘Start’ and ‘Stop’.

An ‘engineering’ mode provides full control of all connected equipment from the UMS interface allowing technical users full management of all equipment.

In all modes, alarms are highlighted to the operator and where appropriate, UMS will automatically manage alarms and switch redundant systems. A log of operations is generated which helps with job reports, maintenance and fault finding.

UMS is fully configurable and can be made to work with virtually any third party satellite communications equipment.


uBook is a fully-integrated booking system, that works seamlessly with any satellite capacity, and any UMS-controlled uplink enabling broadcasters to effortlessly provide live coverage on-demand with satellite uplinks.

Bookings are made using our secure uBook web portal. uBook gives the user flexibility and control of their uplink and ensures that client data is kept secure. uBook is very simple to use yet it offers a wealth of features to make your life easy and working in conjunction with UMS, gives the operator the freedom to work the cameras whilst the uplink looks after itself.

uBook can also be used as a satellite-scheduling system for non-UMS-enabled uplinks.

How uBook works

  1. The operator logs on to the live uBook web portal
  2. uBook shows the satellite space available
  3. The operator makes a booking in uBook
  4. The uplink truck travels to site location
  5. The operator deploys the system with a single click
  6. The truck picks up booking from uBook
  7. The reporter and the operator set up for live transmission
  8. Auto-transmit commences at the booked time and stops when the transmission is complete

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