DriveForce® VSAT Systems

SIS LIVE DriveForce deployed

SIS LIVE has designed an entirely new market-leading, vehicle mounted antenna system, DriveForce®. DriveForce has the characteristics our customers demand, and delivers to the performance that SIS expects, better than any other system on the market today remaining operational in extremely high winds.

DriveForce features a precision carbon fibre reflector available in 0.75, 1.0, 1.2 and 1.8m. With increasing demand for high bandwidth HD transmissions, many existing systems use mounts developed for small aperture antennas, bolstered to take a larger reflector, thus compromising the design. With DriveForce, SIS LIVE have adopted a ‘grass roots’ approach, ensuring that the mount is optimised to carry the large antenna and capable of operating in wind speeds of up to 60mph, almost double that of competing products.

SIS LIVE has invested heavily in accurate tooling and high quality, low tolerance manufacturing processes, ensuring optimal quality and performance of its antennas. This significant investment has enabled the development of units which feature high levels of integration and are extremely lightweight due to the extensive use of composite materials.

SIS LIVE DriveForce deployed

The ultra-high performance carbon fibre system is fully automated, capable of very high bandwidth or dual path transmissions and incorporates SIS LIVE’s award-winning differential antenna control technology to find and track any satellite within seconds.

For the highest performance vehicle mounted antenna, get on the road with DriveForce.


  • Precision carbon fibre reflector
  • Operational in winds up to 60mph
  • Fully automated acquisition – lock onto any satellite
  • Central booking system – controls the complete transmission process
  • Intuitive and simple to operate – minimum training, even for novices
  • Full remote control – via satellite or IP
  • Amplifier enclosure mounted on turntable or feed arm
  • Lightweight antenna mount to maximize residual vehicle payload
  • Quad band cartridge feed options

DriveForce datasheet

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