DriveForce Vehicle Mounted Satellite Atenna System - SIS LIVE

DriveForce® SNG Uplink Systems

SIS LIVE DriveForce deployed

DriveForce® is a fully-automated, motorised, vehicle-mounted satellite uplink system designed for rapid deployment. The ultra high performance carbon fibre antenna, is fully automated and capable of high bandwidth HD and 4K transmissions.

A unique antenna mount has been designed, capable of withstanding extreme winds. These enhanced characteristics far exceed any other antenna on the market, with DriveForce remaining operational in winds up to 60mph (100kph).

DriveForce features a fully automated satellite acquisition and tracking system using SIS LIVE’s differential GPS antenna control technology and works seamlessly with any satellite capacity.

For a dependable, high performance, vehicle mounted uplink, with unbeatable wind load performance, get on the road with DriveForce.




SIS LIVE DriveForce deployed
  • Precision carbon fibre reflector available in 0.75m, 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.8m and 2.4m
  • Fully automated acquisition
  • Operational in wind speeds up to 60mph (100kph)
  • Central booking system – controls the complete transmission process
  • Intuitive and simple to operate – minimum training, even for novices
  • Full remote control – via satellite or IP
  • Amplifier enclosure mounted on turntable or feed arm
  • Lightweight antenna mount to maximize residual vehicle payload
  • Quad band feed options (Ka, Ku, X and C)
  • ITAR free

DriveForce datasheet

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