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LoStow® Low Profile Vehicle Mount


SIS LIVE’s LoStow┬« vehicle mounted antenna has been developed from our existing innovative vehicle mount range, incorporating technological developments from our existing DriveForce antenna.

LoStow combines high quality engineering in a compact, lightweight, rapidly deployable and easy to use package which can be easily integrated into vehicle systems. The compact fully-automated LoStow antenna system boasts one of the lowest stowing heights on the market and is considerably lighter than similar systems. In addition to these key features, the aerodynamics of the system provide a reduced profile, significantly reducing energy costs. LoStow is designed specifically for video and data operations in Ku and Ka band and is particularly well suited to the needs of broadcast, commercial and military markets.

As well as standard purchasing, SIS LIVE offers an antenna plus satellite bandwidth package. This enables a simple and cost effective means of using a terminal without the upfront costs associated with a purchase.


  • Precision 1.0m carbon fibre reflector
  • Fully automated acquisition
  • Lightweight carbon fibre construction, less than 40kg
  • Ka/Ku band interchangeable
  • One of the lowest stowing heights available
  • Intuitive and simple to operate, even for novices
  • Aerodynamic cowling, reducing energy costs
  • NewsSpotter approved
  • Product plus bandwidth monthly payment packages available

LoStow datasheet


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