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SIS LIVE’s Global Product Partners

SIS LIVE works with a network of global product partners across many different territories and industries. Our partners are carefully selected for their industry expertise and product knowledge to offer maximum benefit to our clients. If you are interested in becoming a product partner, and want to work with us to promote, sell and support our satellite hardware, please contact us to find out more. We offer a range of incentives, as well as the opportunity to grow your business with support from our teams.

Our satellite products are utilised in many markets, including broadcast, defence, government and the emergency services sectors:

Rapid, reliable communications are essential for military personnel in the field needing to disperse information quickly and efficiently. SIS LIVE’s innovative satellite products are ideal for military organisations across the world. More on military communications >>

SIS LIVE’s satellite antennae and electronics are adapted to meet the operational and environmental requirements of Government and military satellite communications. Our kit is robust, compact and easy to use. More on government operations >>

SIS LIVE has extensive experience of supplying satellite hardware and services to the broadcast market. We work with many of the world’s leading global broadcasters providing contracted and occasional use satellite services. More on broadcast solutions >>

Emergency Services
SIS LIVE designs and manufactures a range of satellite products and systems ideal for blue-light responders. Our rugged, compact kit can be set up quickly and easily by non-technical staff at any location. More on emergency services >>

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