uPod® SNG Uplink System

uPod used in broadcasting from the Himalayas

The uPod® series is a totally integrated, yet compact, SNG uplink system that works seamlessly with any satellite capacity to enable broadcasters to effortlessly provide live HD or SD coverage on-demand. uPod is the only uplink system that can be mounted on a car roof or checked in as standard luggage on an aeroplane and used as a ground mounted flyaway system.

The uPod service takes the headache out of fast-deployment SNG by combining compact cutting edge SNG equipment with an integrated bookings system and dedicated satellite capacity that empowers your news desk.

The uPod can be easily transported by car, commercial airliner or even helicopter to the breaking news story, giving your news desk the competitive edge.

Available in three sizes, 0.75, 1.0 and 1.2 metre reflector, the cases of the uPod are each only 600mm wide x 335mm high x 640mm deep and weigh less than 23kg apiece.


SIS LIVE uPod hostess style cases
  • Stunningly compact – the ultimate portable uplink system in form and function – in easy-to-carry hostess style trolley cases
  • Three models – 0.75, 1.0 and 1.2m
  • Fully automated acquisition – lock onto any satellite
  • Central booking system – controls the complete transmission process
  • Simple to operate – minimum training, even for novices
  • Flight friendly – fully complies with all airline checked baggage regulations
  • Full remote control – via satellite or IP
  • Efficient use of satellite capacity

uPod datasheet

uPod case study


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