uPod - compact SNG Uplink System from SIS Live

uPod® SNG Uplink System

uPod used in broadcasting from the Himalayas

uPod® is a totally integrated, yet compact satellite uplink system, that works seamlessly with any satellite capacity enabling the provision of live HD or 4K coverage on-demand.

uPod takes the headache out of fast-deployment transmissions featuring a fully automated satellite acquisition and tracking system using SIS LIVE’s differential GPS antenna control technology. By combining compact cutting edge equipment with an integrated bookings system and dedicated satellite capacity, uPod empowers the operator.

Available with a 0.75, 1.0 and 1.2m reflector, the cases of uPod are only 600mm wide x 335mm high x 640mm deep and weigh less than 23kg (50lbs) apiece.

uPod is flyaway capable and can be mounted onto any vehicles standard roof bars. Take it on a commercial flight as standard luggage, rent a vehicle wherever your destination might be, and immediately use it in automatic mode. Now that is flexibility in one small, perfectly formed package.


SIS LIVE uPod hostess style cases
  • Stunningly compact – the ultimate portable uplink system in form and function – in easy-to-carry ‘hostess’ style upright cases
  • 0.75m, 1.0m or 1.2m Reflector
  • Ka, Ku and X band
  • Fully automated acquisition – lock onto any satellite
  • Central booking system – controls the complete transmission process
  • Simple to operate – minimum training even for novices
  • Flight friendly IATA compliant – less than 23kg (50lbs) per case and accumulative dimensions of 1575mm (length + width + height)
  • Full remote control – via satellite or IP
  • Full manual control via software interface
  • Efficient use of satellite capacity
  • ITAR free

uPod datasheet

uPod case study


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