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What We Do – SIS LIVE’s fibre network connects our headquarters in MediaCityUK and Milton Keynes with resilient connectivity to key broadcast locations.

Media Fibre Services – SIS LIVE is the UK’s fastest growing broadcast media fibre supplier. Our rapidly growing fibre network connects our headquarters in MediaCityUK and Milton Keynes with key broadcast locations around the UK.

Media Fibre Locations – SIS LIVE’s fibre connectivity includes major UK broadcasters, Premier League football and rugby grounds, network operators and studio facilities; plus, international teleports and global connectivity providers.

Network Operations Centres – Core to our service portfolio is our network operations centres at MediaCityUK and in Milton Keynes.


What We Do – SIS LIVE provides fixed and OU satellite services and satellite capacity.

Satellite Uplinks – The largest fleet of HD mobile satellite uplink vehicles in Europe, suitable for any size of live production.

Satellite Uplink Fleet Specs – The largest fleet of mobile HD/SD satellite uplink vehicles in Europe for fixed and occasional use services, including technical specifications of vehicle capabilities.

Flyaways – SIS LIVE has a range of HD flyaways to suit any requirement, in any location and any environment, however remote.

Satellite Capacity – We have permanently leased space on five satellites and operate our own multi-satellite iDirect hubs, with over 500MHz available.

Teleports – NOC and teleport facilities in MediaCityUK and Milton Keynes can handle any job, 24/7, no matter what your requirements.

Network Operations Centres – Core to our service portfolio is our network operations centres at MediaCityUK and in Milton Keynes.


What We Do – Our streaming services are second to none and we have huge experience in providing services to many clients.

Facilities – All of our streaming and IP focused projects are supported by our robust and fully-redundant broadcast infrastructure which is managed and maintained by SIS LIVE’s experienced engineers.

Mobile Broadband on Location – We provide an internet anywhere service designed for clients who require a robust and fully supported satellite internet connection at short notice from any location, even in the most demanding conditions.

Live Event Streaming – SIS LIVE has the expertise, experience and technology to ensure users can watch high quality, rich coverage of events as they happen. We can restrict access to your content by delivering on our secure SIS LIVE network.

Corporate Webcasting – SIS LIVE has the facilities to deliver UHD quality corporate and advertising events. Our capability to deliver business meetings and presentations over a secure network will keep you connected without any loss in latency.

Online Video Hosting – SIS LIVE's reliable online video hosting service delivers live streams and video to any online video player via a global content delivery network (CDN), which ensures you receive the best available service 24/7.

High Quality Audio – SIS LIVE can transmit high-quality audio feeds from any location, no matter how remote, using IP satellite connectivity.

Over The Top – SIS LIVE offers a comprehensive Over The Top (OTT) content service which allows clients to broadcast TV channels, online videos, live event streaming and live webcasts through the internet directly to an end user.

Case Studies – Find out about how we have helped our clients in the past with our streaming services.


Portfolio – Continuously innovating and redefining broadcast solutions, SIS LIVE’s in-house team design and build cutting edge, award winning satellite products.

Global Partners – SIS LIVE works with a network of global product partners across many different territories and industries including broadcast, defence and the emergency services sectors.

Uplink Vehicle Build – SIS LIVE has been designing and building SNG and production vehicles since 1998 and has built up a wealth of experience which ensures that we design and build satellite vehicles that exceed the demands of our clients.

SISCaster HD – Produce anywhere, stream everywhere. Open up new opportunities for multi-platform event coverage. SISCaster HD integrates multiple wireless cameras, an IP uplink and the facilities found in a high end scanner, into a compact vehicle.

Vehicle Systems – An overview of the vehicle mounted products designed and manufactured by SIS LIVE.

uPod – The lightest, most flexible, fully automated, high powered, vehicle mounted and flyaway capable satellite antenna in the world.

DriveForce – SIS LIVE’s DriveForce vehicle mounted satellite antenna features the best wind performance on the market, remaining operational in winds up to 60mph.

LoStow – SIS LIVE’s brand new LoStow vehicle mounted antenna is a compact, fully automated system and boasts one of the lowest stowing heights on the market.

Portable Systems – SIS LIVE’s range of man-portable VSAT terminals.

ManPak60 – Weighing less than 15kgs, the ManPak60 is an integrated and compact VSAT terminal that provides a high bandwidth connection capable of high speed data and transmissions.

ManPakT – This 0.6m, 0.75m, 1m and 1.2m tripod antenna features simple manual satellite acquisition.

uPak – uPak is a fully automated VSAT terminal that provides high-speed data communications for internet connectivity, video transmission and VPN connectivity.

Production Kit – SIS LIVE’s products specifically designed and manufactured for broadcast solutions.

RouteCase – RouteCase is a powerful, compact and affordable 4 channel HD/SDI production unit incorporating the latest in vision mixer technology with industry standard audio mixing facilities.

PlexSIS – The innovative PlexSIS fibre system transports up to 16 SD, HD or 3G SDI signals over a single optical fibre.

Military – SIS LIVE’s VSAT products are designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and the stresses of a military environment.

Broadcasters – SIS LIVE has extensive experience of supplying satellite products to the broadcast market through their innovative connectivity solutions.

Government – SIS LIVE’s satellite antennae and electronics are adapted to meet the operational and environmental requirements of Government broadband satellite communications.

Emergency Services – SIS LIVE designs and manufactures compact and rugged products which can be quickly deployed and easily operated by non-technical staff.


What We Do – An overview of the different services and products SIS LIVE is able to offer, including: satellite uplink, satellite internet and streaming, media fibre, teleports and distribution, satellite capacity and the in-house design and manufacture of market leading satellite products.

Our Vision and Values – The core values which we base our work ethic upon. How we support the local community and the broadcast industry.

News – SIS LIVE’s latest news stories.

Press Releases – Find our recent connectivity press releases here.

Case Studies – Media fibre, satellite uplinks, streaming, satellite internet and teleport case studies./p>

Our Brand – We love our brand! We are proud of its dynamic, innovative look.

Meet the Team – See a brief description of our lovely colleagues who are experts in connectivity solutions.

Videos – Find a selection of satellite and connectivity videos.

Testimonials – See what our clients have been saying about SIS LIVE’s fibre, satellite and connectivity services.


Contacts – Find our telephone and email contacts here.

Maps – SIS LIVE’s bases and office headquarters.

Careers – See SIS LIVE’s latest job vacancies here.

Partner portal – Dedicated secure site for our partners.

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