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    • Broadcast Systems Integration
      • Consultancy, Workflow Design & Project Planning - Detailed planning is paramount to the successful delivery of a project and to minimise the impact on existing broadcast operations. Our experienced project managers practice meticulous preparation and control every aspect of the installation.
      • Installation & Handover - Technical plans are closely followed during installation, with particular attention paid to ergonomics, aesthetics and providing comfortable working environments your system operators. Our rigorous testing regime ensures a smooth handover.
      • Training & Support - We provide extensive aftercare and support for any installation we manage, delivering documents relating to the system architecture and ensuring your staff is fully equipped to operate it. We offer a variety of scalable support options to suit your needs and budget.
      • Resources - From our bases in Milton Keynes, Langley, Manchester and Paris we offer a complete broadcasting solution including satellite uplink, outside broadcast, global distribution, satellite internet and IP provision, special cameras, RF solutions and product design/manufacture.
  • Satellite Services
    • Satellite Uplinks
      • Uplink Vehicle Fleet - The largest fleet of mobile satellite uplink vehicles in Europe to suit any size of LIVE production.
      • Flyaways - SIS LIVE has a range of HD and SD flyaways to suit any requirement, in any location and any environment, however remote.
      • Satellite Capacity - We have permanently leased space on five satellites and operate our own multi-satellite iDirect hub, with over 500MHz available.
    • Satellite Internet
      • Facilities - All projects are supported by an extensive broadcast infrastructure
      • About Satellite Internet - Satellite internet provides reliable connectivity from almost anywhere in the world
      • Multi-device Streaming - SIS LIVE’s streaming services and webcasting services give you the opportunity to deliver media instantly and more efficiently to your customers.
      • Brands - Our solutions enable live streaming across the world helping brands reach new and existing customers
      • Emergency Services - Our managed service handles the installation, integration and support of satellite technology for emergency services
      • On Demand Mobile Broadband - Mobile satellite services, mobile internet, multi satellite iDirect hub.
      • Business Broadcasts - SIS LIVE’s video conferencing services are making private inter-company communications more efficient and cost-effective
      • Disaster Recovery - Disaster recovery services from SIS LIVE can support your existing infrastructure, restore your internet connectivity and give your business  ‘continuity of service’.
      • ISDN & VoIP - SIS LIVE can supply ISDN lines and dedicated VoIP satellite networks at any location however remote, offering guaranteed, countrywide coverage
    • Teleport & Fibre Services
      • Fibre Services - SIS LIVE operates a market leading MPLS-based fibre network in partnership with media solutions company BT Media and Broadcast.
      • Teleports - MCR and teleport facilities in London and Milton Keynes can handle any job, 24/7, no matter what your requirements.
  • Products
    • Vehicles - We design and build mobile satellite uplink vehicles that exceed the demands of our clients; technical, practical and economical.
    • uPod - Award-winning, lightweight, automated satellite uplink system.
    • uPak - uPak is an integrated and compact, flat plate, fully automated Ku band VSAT terminal that provides high-speed data communications for internet connectivity, video transmission and VPN connectivity.
    • ManPak60 - ManPak is an integrated and compact VSAT terminal that provides a high bandwidth connection capable of high speed data and HD SNG transmissions.
    • ManPakT - SIS LIVE’s innovative ManPak®T leads the way in the next generation of VSAT terminals.
    • RouteCase - RouteCase is a powerful, compact and affordable 4 channel HD/SDI production unit incorporating the latest in vision mixer technology with industry standard audio mixing facilities.
    • Driveforce - DriveForce has the characteristics our customers demand, and delivers to the performance that SIS expects, better than any other system on the market today.
    • PlexSIS - The innovative PlexSIS fibre system transports up to 16 SD, HD or 3G SDI signals over a single optical fibre.
    • SISCaster HD - LIVE broadcasting, webcast services and LIVE event streaming.
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    • Case Studies - SIS LIVE case studies
    • Branding - We love our brand! We are proud of its dynamic, innovative look.
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    • Maps - SIS LIVE’s outside broadcast, satellite uplink and support bases.
    • Careers - see SIS LIVE’s latest job vacancies here.
    • Biographies - SIS LIVE’s staff and their career histories.
    • Latest News - All the latest news from SIS LIVE.
    • Press Office - See SIS LIVE’s latest press releases here.

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