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High Quality Audio

Rock / Pop Concert

SIS LIVE can transmit high-quality audio feeds from any location, no matter how remote, using IP satellite connectivity.

Our satellite internet vehicles use the latest advanced broadcast grade coding, including AAC128, 256, PCM & FLAC, to provide instant, high-quality connectivity between the location and a studio or other venue.

We provide a satellite pipe connection from site to our network operations centre, which then allows a client to dial in using ISDN and be instantly provided with connectivity. This provides robust, countrywide coverage without any loss of latency, guaranteeing clients of a high-quality audio feed with no unnecessary time delays.


Traditional methods have required an ISDN line to be installed by a telecommunications provider, which can often take up to six weeks. However, SIS LIVE's satellite offering can be implemented at short notice to offer a unique, flexible service.

This service is particularly popular with companies broadcasting a live event who know that high quality, faultless audio is critical today.

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