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Multi-platform live streams

The modern culture of society is becoming increasingly connected and the popularity of live event streaming has boomed in recent years. People are becoming ever more digitally present through the use of internet enabled devices and in a position to watch media content at the touch of a button. Live event streaming is an increasingly popular and cost-effective way to bring your event to global internet audiences, and SIS LIVE has the expertise, experience and technology to ensure users can watch high quality, rich coverage of events as they happen on a multitude of platforms.

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Ensure your event makes an impact by allowing your viewers to access the content on any device, or complement a live TV broadcast by making additional footage available via secondary devices such as related interviews, backstage footage or additional camera angles. This creates a more immersive and interactive experience, and reaches a larger audience.

If you are streaming a corporate or private event, we can restrict access to your content by delivering via our secure SIS LIVE network. This reduces the risk of transmissions being hacked, which can happen more commonly on public networks. Our network also provides uncontended connectivity in comparison with public networks, which are often congested with other users. This allows for a clean transmission and a high quality stream.

SIS LIVE prides itself on being a service-focused company with expertise across the broadcast chain. Whether you are streaming or webcasting a sporting, cultural, corporate or entertainment event, we can take charge of the whole streaming process, capturing, encoding and delivering the content to guarantee a high-quality service.

No matter where your venue is or if it is a multi-location event, SIS LIVE’s streaming solutions let you deliver media instantly and efficiently to your customers. Streaming media services are available via a terrestrial or satellite route, enabling data to flow freely through your own network to produce high-quality programmes.


Pictures distributed across dedicated SIS LIVE networks use guaranteed bandwidth that eliminates network congestion, buffering and other quality issues often associated with terrestrial viewing. We work with a number of satellite operators and are Ofcom-registered, enabling us to purchase satellite capacity directly. We also monitor all streams for availability and performance to guarantee your service using our dedicated network operations centres.

The result is that users can watch high-quality, rich media via their internet-enabled TVs, desktop computers, tablets or mobile devices with no specialist skills or specific knowledge required. With expert 24/7 support from SIS LIVE’s dedicated engineers, you are guaranteed a robust service. From set-up to delivery, we can handle everything for you.


Uplink production facilities

SIS LIVE operates a large fleet of multi-camera production uplink trucks - from small vehicles capable of parking on busy urban roads to larger, full HD production uplinks. All provide dedicated satellite streaming from anywhere in the UK or Europe.

Between them the fleet has every size of production covered and we can supply experienced crew to assist with any streamed event. Just tell us where it is being held and we will ensure live or edited footage reaches your desired audience.

All the uplink vehicles deliver vision, audio and talkback, and are capable of delivering footage from multiple camera feeds. Many offer broadband IP over satellite, so that the crew on site can upload edits as files and also have full back-office connectivity. Satellite uplinks are fully dual-MPEG and offer space segment downlink and connection to any location.


Variable bit rates

We can improve your viewers’ experience by enabling you to stream footage with the resolution and bit rate that best matches their connection speed. SIS LIVE’s systems automatically detect devices bandwidth and streams the correct version of your live stream so that viewers see the highest quality video.

Broadcast standard

Viewers watching a live stream expect TV quality, regardless of their screen size. SIS LIVE ensures a smooth, reliable, broadcast quality stream, no matter where your event is held or what device they are using to watch it live.

Simultaneous streaming

SIS LIVE broadcast 31 concurrent live music streams from the EDF Energy London Eye to more than a million viewers worldwide in collaboration with Red Bull Media House. Our meticulous planning and production standards allowed the world to share in the excitement of the live broadcast streams from the wheel’s compact and moving pods, and demonstrated our simultaneous and consecutive streaming capabilities.


Social streaming

We regularly stream live video direct into social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, in which their built-in audiences maximise event viewing figures. This makes us an ideal facilitator for allowing viewers anywhere in the world to watch promotional events, sports, concerts, fashion shows, presentations or product launches.

SIS LIVE can capture and deliver live coverage of events onto big screens situated on-site and in other locations, as well as streaming to a client’s website. We can also provide high quality two-way video links for multi-site participation of an event.

We can provide camera and production crews, together with uplink facilities, in a complete client-focused end-to-end solution, closely monitored by our network operations centres to ensure a smooth-running, carefully-managed event. Our expertise and client focus means all pictures are top broadcast quality leaving the client to focus on their message and the occasion itself.

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