Mobile Broadband on Location

Mobile Broadband on Location

On-Demand Satellite Internet Access

On-Demand Satellite Internet Access

SIS LIVE’s on-demand satellite internet services are second to none. We provide an internet anywhere service designed for clients who require a robust and fully supported satellite internet connection at short notice from any location, even in the most demanding conditions. Our network gives comprehensive, instant connectivity which can be accessed at short notice and for a limited amount of time. We can also install your own satellite dish and service for the duration of your event. Whether you’re on the move or hosting a one-off event, we have the reliable technology and infrastructure to keep you connected.

As Europe’s largest supplier of satellite uplinks, we have over 500 MHz of permanently leased satellite capacity. Our satellite internet service quickly connects you, at high upload and download speeds, and allows you to link any number of devices to the internet via a network or Wi-Fi router.

Whether you are part of the emergency services and need an alternative means of communication during a crisis, an outside broadcaster who requires secure access to your office systems, or part of an organisation that is temporarily without a network and/or require mobile broadband on location, our satellite internet services provide a quick and resilient solution. We have a huge staff and support infrastructure that can get to any location, fast.

As soon as one of our uplink trucks arrives, a network is available within minutes on SIS LIVE’s dedicated satellite capacity. We are ready to send and access your data at the click of a button.

SIS LIVE can also set up dedicated ISDN / VoIP / ADSL / DEL connections in remote locations and at short notice.

This service has proved ideal for:

  • Production teams covering events which move from location to location like the Tour de France, European Tour, high profile racing events and Cross Country Skiing
  • Construction firms working in undeveloped areas
  • Scientists, environmentalists and archaeologists working in remote locations
  • Mobile libraries travelling through rural areas

Plus a whole host of other applications.

Wi-Fi Networks

Wi-Fi Networks

SIS LIVE can also provide Wi-Fi hotspots to temporary locations, supporting any remote connectivity requirements for production, press and social media teams. A reliable, fast Wi-Fi network is essential to any successful public or corporate event and SIS LIVE can be counted on to provide effective Wi-Fi connectivity at any location.

Our highly experienced teams can quickly install temporary Wi-Fi at exhibitions, festivals, conferences, product launches or promotions and any other public event. Our proprietary equipment and robust back-up systems mean connections remain reliable in the event of a power failure or inclement weather, so the best available Wi-Fi connectivity is assured.



The modern culture of society is becoming increasingly connected. People are becoming ever more digitally present through the use of internet enabled devices and in a position to watch media content at the touch of a button. Live event streaming is an increasingly popular and cost-effective way to bring your event to global internet audiences, and SIS LIVE has the expertise, experience and technology to ensure users can watch high quality, rich coverage of events as they happen. We can stream a live event from any location using our IP satellite network, supplying dedicated bandwidth to remote or rural locations and unconnected venues. We can also stream at variable bitrates, ensuring optimised viewing qualities to suit any internet enabled device such as TVs, desktop computers, tablets or mobile devices, all distributed 24/7 across dedicated SIS LIVE networks.

SIS LIVE has guaranteed satellite capacity and bandwidth, ensuring data can flow freely over either route. This eliminates network connection, buffering and other problems associated with terrestrial viewing. SIS LIVE collects the streaming media before securely encoding it and delivering it over specified platforms. All streams are monitored for availability and performance 24/7 by our dedicated engineers, to guarantee a robust service.

So if you want to live webcast a live sporting event, concert, festival, corporate presentation or meeting, streaming through SIS LIVE will effortlessly expand your viewing audience. We also facilitate on-demand webcasting, delivered into social platforms, online video platforms or via a secure corporate link.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

In today’s fast-paced business world, an uninterrupted internet connection is an essential ingredient to the success of a company whatever its size. With the increasing popularity of the Cloud as an online repository for information and systems, businesses simply cannot afford to lose connection. Ever.

SIS LIVE’s satellite broadband is an ideal solution for disaster recovery. If you lose connection we can deploy an internet vehicle from our extensive fleet to bring you back online, or you can have your own satellite dish and service installed permanently for added redundancy.

If your business systems fail, SIS LIVE is there to support your existing infrastructure, restore your connectivity and give you continuity of service. Our fleet of new generation, fast response vehicles are ideal for disaster recovery situations. Located across the UK, they can get to any location, fast. These vehicles transmit data at high speed using the latest technology.

We can offer:

  • Broadband connection to any UK site, at short notice
  • VPN’s – connect to your office network from anywhere
  • Point to point connectivity
  • VoIP satellite phones – multiple lines available
Event Payment

Event Payment

Festivals and exhibitions tend to attract customers who carry little cash and therefore prefer to pay by card. SIS LIVE can provide highly effective and robust Wi-Fi connectivity at any location, ensuring wireless chip and pin machines can be used as the most secure and convenient method of payment.

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