Satellite Streaming and Internet Services from SIS LIVE

Streaming and Internet Services

SIS LIVE’s satellite streaming and internet services provide reliable connectivity anywhere in the world – delivered securely and in HD broadcast quality from any location and to any location.

We are Europe’s largest supplier of satellite uplinks and have 500 MHz of permanently-leased satellite capacity, so whether you are streaming live event footage, video or a webcast, we provide an instant, reliable and secure connection on demand.


Operations Room

All of our streaming and IP focused projects are supported by our robust and fully-redundant broadcast infrastructure which is managed and maintained by SIS LIVE’s experienced engineers.
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Mobile Broadband on Location

Festival Catering

SIS LIVE provide an internet anywhere service designed for clients who require a robust and fully supported satellite internet connection at short notice from any location, even in the most demanding and remote conditions.
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Live Event Streaming


SIS LIVE has the expertise, experience and technology to ensure users can watch high quality, rich coverage of events as they happen on a multitude of platforms. We can take charge of the whole streaming process to guarantee an exceptional-quality service.
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Corporate Webcasting

Man in front of cameras

Corporate webcasts can be delivered over a private and protected SIS LIVE network. As an ISO 9001 - accredited company, we have every system in place to ensure a high-quality, secure and interactive user experience that can be viewed on any device.
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Online Video Hosting

Sports Montage

As one of the world's most experienced satellite internet and streaming providers, we produce top quality HD broadcasts at all times, maintaining brand image and focusing on giving online video viewers the best user experience.
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High Quality Audio

Rock / Pop Concert

Our satellite internet vehicles use the latest advanced broadcast grade coding, including AAC128, 256, PCM & FLAC, to provide instant, high-quality audio connectivity between the location and a studio or other venue.
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Over the Top


SIS LIVE offers a comprehensive Over The Top (OTT) service which allows clients to broadcast TV channels, online videos, live event streaming and live webcasts through the internet directly to an end user.
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Streaming Case Studies


We have worked with industry leaders such as Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook to deliver services for a range of top clients, including Decca/Universal Records, Top Shop, Audi, L’Oreal, Honda, Carillion, Cunard, Red Bull, plus many more.
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The increasing popularity of the Cloud as an online repository for information and systems means businesses simply cannot afford to lose connection. But if you do, we can deploy an internet vehicle from our extensive fleet to bring you back online, or you can have your own satellite dish and service installed permanently for added redundancy.

We can provide temporary broadband connections at short notice to suit a whole range of needs, including those of TV production teams covering multi-location events; construction firms; scientists or archaeologists working in remote areas; corporate communications; mobile libraries; emergency services needing immediate onsite connections and a whole host of other applications.

SIS LIVE utilises award-winning technology to deliver the very best service to our clients. We also place great emphasis on measuring service levels to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with the service, whether that be in mobile broadband provision, VoIP, streaming, VSAT or disaster recovery.

From live event streaming and webcast services to high bandwidth satellite internet anywhere, SIS LIVE can provide the reliable connectivity to deliver your message.

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