Satellite Uplink Vehicle Fleet

We operate the largest fleet of mobile satellite uplink vehicles in Europe to suit any size of production, delivering vision, audio and talkback from sites all over the UK and Europe. Satellite uplinks are fully dual-MPEG and offer space segment downlink and connection to any location. We provide HD and SD uplinks and are able to offer fully managed end-to-end solutions.

HD Production Uplinks - 5 vehicles

SIS LIVE HD production unit

SIS LIVE has a range of multi camera production uplinks to cater for any requirement. We offer compact units packed with production and monitoring facilities, incorporating an uplink system, so there is no need for a separate truck. These vehicles are ideal for rapid deployment multi camera insert events whilst maintaining all the programme security of the bigger production units in the fleet.

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HD Uplinks - 20 vehicles

SIS LIVE HD uplink

We offer state of the art multi camera HD uplinks, from uPod flyaways to HD Dual antenna production trucks.  We provide single thread to fully redundant systems, all packed with the latest technology and talkback facilities to make your event a success. With our large pool of satellite capacity we can offer reduced rates and also supply experienced crew to assist with any broadcast event.

SIS 47Link 21

SD Uplinks - 108 vehicles & flyaways

SIS LIVE SD uplink

As well as state of the art HD uplinks, SIS LIVE also operates a fleet of SD vehicles, ideal for any event.  From single to multi camera broadcasts, we can accommodate any request. With our large pool of satellite capacity we can offer reduced rates and also supply award winning experienced crew.

SIS 2, 3, 4, 5, 14, 15

uPod 27, 28, 29, 30