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Satellite Uplink Services

SIS LIVE is Europe’s largest supplier of satellite uplinks.  In the UK, we provide contracted digital satellite services to all the major broadcasters — BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, Good Morning Britain, Sky News and Sky Sports.

If you are watching a live feed in the UK, the chances are that it is being transmitted by a SIS LIVE uplink truck using our own 500 MHz of permanently leased satellite capacity.  With a large ‘ad-hoc’ uplink vehicle fleet and bases throughout the UK and Europe, we get to any location, fast!

A key element of any SNG operation is comms and our trucks have it with comms over satellite plus diverse mobile phones with TBU’s as an alternative.  Many of our uplinks also have broadband IP over satellite so that the crew on site can transfer edits as files and also have full back office connectivity.

We don’t just supply the satellite services, we also supply crews and our office staff can help you to sort out all those administrative details such as Ofcom site clearances, access and parking permits and accreditations.

As well as providing a dedicated service, we also manufacture an award winning product range including our fully-automated fly-drive uplink uPod® and vehicle mounted DriveForce®.

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Uplink Vehicle Fleet

SIS LIVE Uplink Vehicle Fleet

Europe’s largest supplier of satellite uplinks providing contracted satellite services to all major UK broadcasters and large ‘ad - hoc’ fleet with bases throughout the UK and Europe
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SIS LIVE Flyaway in Himalayas

Diverse range of HD and SD flyaways to suit any requirement in any location and any environment, however remote. Systems available from 0.75m to 2.4m and a 3.7m trailer dish
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Satellite Capacity

SIS LIVE Satellite Capacity

Permanently leased space on five satellites and operating multi-satellite iDirect hub, with over 500MHz available. Satellites chosen for optimum coverage and immediate availability
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