Live Event Streaming

Never miss a beat with live event streaming.

Whether it’s an experiential event, product launch or sold-out entertainment – live event content streaming is expected by your audience. As the crowds draw and audience looks on, you need the confidence to know you can keep pace as the event unfolds.

We actively manage and monitor the streaming process, delivering the highest quality and vibrant content to multiple platforms.

Our systems will automatically detect device bandwidth and broadcast the best version of your live stream so viewers see the highest quality video for their connection speed. All streaming events are monitored closely so you can be sure of robust connectivity and peak performance.

Secure, uncontended, private

Keep things exclusive with restricted access via a private secure network. In doing so, you’ll also avoid the risk of congested public networks that might affect streaming quality and know your content is secure.

Supplement the on-site experience

Big crowds? Little problem. Capture and broadcast content directly to attendees so everyone can experience your event. Replay live-action moments or share close-ups so your audience can see every move and immerse themselves in every moment.

Drive traffic to your website

Bring your audience to you by live streaming your event on your website. When your stream has finished, keep your users online exactly where you want them with offers of more content and future streams.

In tune with the London Symphony Orchestra
When two of Kazakhstan’s most famous musicians joined the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) in concert, the musical world was enthralled. We helped bring the unique concert live to orchestra fans across the world. Read more about our work with LSO. You can view the full case study here.

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