Satellite Capacity

NEP Connect is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of satellite uplinks and occasional use (OU) satellite services, providing more than 500MHz of permanently leased satellite capacity, including 90MHz dedicated for OU events. This dedicated capacity, together with our relationships with ABS, Eutelsat, Intelsat and SES, offers optimum global coverage at very competitive rates.

Coverage maps for both leased OU and fixed services can be found below and we do have access to other capacity. Contact us for more information and competitive rates at or call +44 (0)1908 865656, option 2.

Occasional Use

Satellite Coverage Map ABS-2A-at-75E
ABS 2A @ 75E
Satellite Coverage Map ABS-3A-at-3W
ABS 3A @ 3W

Satellite Coverage Map Asiasat-5-at-100-5E
Asiasat 5 @ 100.5E
Satellite Coverage Map Eutelsat-10A-at-10E
Eutelsat 10A @ 10E

Satellite Coverage Map Eutelsat-E12WA-at-12-5W
Eutelsat E12WA @ 12.5W
Satellite Coverage Map Intelsat-905-at-24-5W
Intelsat 905 @ 24.5W

Fixed Services

Satellite Coverage Map Astra-4A-at-5E
Astra 4A @ 5E
Satellite Coverage Map Astra-2G-at-28-2E
Astra 2G @ 28.2E

To find out more contact our friendly team at or call +44 (0)1908 865656, option 2.


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