NEP Connect Gets Moving with the Heavyweights

NEP Connect (formerly known as SIS LIVE) provided satellite connectivity services for digital broadcasting company Karma to support a new initiative by Lucozade Sport called “Made to Move Sessions” in partnership with Pure Gym.

The Made to Move campaign aims to get one million people moving by 2020, as part of a new scheme to champion active lifestyles.

Lucozade made-to-move-sessionLucozade Sport launched Made to Move Sessions; a series of streamed workout classes hosted by a range of influential sport and fitness ambassadors, in October. The live, streamed workout sessions were hosted by professional trainers and athletes and were available to everyone in the UK with access to the internet, with connectivity supplied by NEP Connect.

David Meynell, managing director, NEP Connect, said,

“We firmly believe that staying active is conducive to a happier, healthier, personal life, and a more productive employment experience. Many of our employees are decidedly active in fitness, which we encourage and promote, so our contribution to Lucozade Sport and Pure Gym’s initiative is both professionally satisfying and personally gratifying.”

Twickenham-based Karma specialises in making webcasting, social media, and live streaming easy. The first of the four Lucozade Sport’s Made to Move campaign streamed sessions was hosted by IBF Heavyweight Champion of the World Anthony Joshua at Pure Gym’s Borehamwood branch.

Lucozade made-to-move-production streamingThe workouts were shown live on screens to all 57 Pure Gym locations, each of which were fully booked with participants for the live workout. Activities from three sites established as interactive were streamed back to Borehamwood, again via NEP Connect, for Anthony Joshua to critique. Added to this were live streams to Lucozade Sport’s Facebook page and Pure Gym’s YouTube channel, which gathered more than 400,000 views.

NEP Connect used two satellite trucks with a fully redundant transmission path to ensure that the stream reached Karma’s live stream team at top quality.

Karma Director of Live, Simon Livingstone said,

“NEP Connect delivered resilient, reliable, and robust connectivity from the site, which enabled us to provide superb HD images to the other venues, including the event’s Facebook and YouTube site.”

Previous and upcoming workout sessions are available via …….so get moving!

July 27, 2017


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